A&R – Music Consultant

Discovering & sharing good music, supporting artists and labels in finding the best solutions for releasing, distributing and promoting their music is my main focus.


I started my music career in 1998 in Istanbul where I used to live back then. Together with 3 good friends, we started the first world music club in town called Shaman World Music Club. As I became the resident DJ, this is where my joy in discovering new music became a “job”. From here on I started working as a freelance member of production teams organizing big festivals, became an assistant tour manager for international blues bands touring in Turkey at Pozitif, where I continued to learn and work with many artists and at many events in Istanbul.

Moving back to the Netherlands I continued working in the music sector, this time working at the Dutch/Turkish art foundation Kulsan organizing 30-40 concert tours yearly in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Turkey. Once settled in Amsterdam, I started a series of concerts together with the legendary venue “Paradiso” with big pop-acts from Turkey.

I started my first company Audiomaze in 2004 as a booking agency and promotor in which over the years I worked with many international artists and started the club-night Labyrint in Paradiso, inviting international DJ’s with styles that I was missing in the scene in those days.

The club night led to a big network in DJ’s which resulted in starting up a second company named Phat Elephant as a booking agency. In a short period of time after, I had traveled with many DJ’s around the world, and started organizing my own events in Amsterdam and Istanbul.

After a couple of years, thanks to one of the DJ’s I worked with, Dairmount, which at the time also was an A&R for the independent distributor finetunes, convinced me to start a label and together with a good friend Dennis Konijnenburg we started Phat Elephant Recordings to bring good quality Deep House music to the world.

With Phat Elephant Recordings I was introduced to the world of digital music distribution and the label business. A couple of years later I started another label called Whirling Wolf Recordings to release more experimental electronic music which not always was a match for Phat Elephant.

In the past couple of years, I have been working as a freelance A&R for finetunes and shortly for The Orchard that bought finetunes, scouting and signing labels for their digital distribution.

Since 1998 I have been active as a DJ, promoter, tour manager, A&R, label boss, event manager. I have had the privilege to work with many creative artists from around the world, continuing my work in my labels and artists/labels I support.